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Nashville Service Modifications 2017

Recycling Calendar 2017

Backdoor Discontinued

To maintain our ability to more efficiently perform garbage and recycling collection services throughout the Music City service area, we intend to make some changes to services offered and how we perform those services to our subscription customers.  The only exception to these changes will be with our residential customers within the Urban Service District (USD) of the Metropolitan Government of Davidson County.  Services provided in the USD are governed under a contract with Metro and cannot be modified.

Our recent growth has necessitated the need to perform a reroute of our residential service areas.  Service notifications will be mailed to each customer the week of December 19th to notify you of our service modifications that begin the week of January 16, 2017.  This service day change may or may not affect your current day of service.  Click the green button, “My New Service Day” to see our new service schedule, please share this information with your neighbors.

In addition to our service day changes, we are discontinuing twice a week garbage collection and backdoor collection from individual residential properties effective 1/16/17.  If you reside in a Home Owners Association (HOA) that has a contract with Red River and the HOA pays us directly for service, your level of service will not change.

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To offset this discontinuation of service for individual subscription customers who were receiving twice a week and/or backdoor collection, Red River is implementing an every other week curbside recycling service throughout our non-Metro service areas in Davidson, Rutherford, Wilson and Williamson County’s.  This new recycling service will be performed on a rotating every other week schedule.

If you were a twice a week garbage customer and elect to subscribe to this new recycling service your cost of service will require some adjustments.  If you are a once a week customer and want to add this curbside recycling service to your account additional charges will apply.

Our goal with making these service modifications is to improve our service efficiency to our customers by adding a curbside recycling service that will reduce the amount of solid waste taken to  local landfills.  The cost of disposal is increasing each year and by diverting a small percentage of your waste into recyclables is the best sustainable solution to control the cost of service.

We firmly believe that adding a curbside recycling service will reduce the amount of solid-waste taken to our local landfills, which also eliminates the need for twice a week garbage collection in most areas.  The cost of disposal is rapidly increasing in middle Tennessee and diverting waste into recyclables is the most sustainable solution to control the cost of service.  Once a week garbage collection is now the industry standard for residential garbage collection and we are hopeful the service transition is seamless for our customers.

The benefits of once a week garbage collection are; reduction of heavy truck traffic throughout residential neighborhoods, remembering only one day each week to set out garbage versus two separate days, helps to influence the use of curbside recycling before its mandated in the future.  The reduced frequency of service does not amount to twice the volume, studies have shown it is quite the opposite and that the same amount of volume is collected regardless of the frequency of collection.

As described above, to help with the change in our garbage collection frequency we are offering a curbside recycling service that will reduce items placed into your garbage containers each week.  Our records tell us this change in service will only affect a small percentage of our customer base.

Our recycling service will accept paper products, cardboard, plastics (1-7), aluminum cans, and tin cans (NO GLASS).  A large percentage of items typically placed into your garbage is recyclable, this means reduced volume in your garbage containers each week.  To become a recycling customer you must subscribe to our recycling service below.  Note: bagged recyclables placed next to your garbage cans will no longer be collected after January 13th.

However, if you would prefer additional storage capacity with our once a week garbage collection service, we are now offering additional 96 gallon carts at $5.00 each per month to accommodate extra storage capacity.